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In January 2009, ten-year-old Lachlan Mackenzie handed over 125 spectacle frames to optometrist Keith Reid of Reach4Sight, a non-profit organisation that provides free eye care to the underprivileged. Lachlan was in South Africa visiting his grandparents in Claremont, Cape Town. He and his schoolmates at Kristin School in Auckland, New Zealand, collected the frames as part of the ongoing social responsibility initiatives that the school encourages. This outreach to underprivileged communities who can’t afford eye care is fitting for a school that strives to produce confident, compassionate and capable citizens of the 21st century and whose motto is ‘Progress with vision, integrity and love’.


The school children also collected art supplies and T-shirts, which Reach4Sight will be delivering to a school deep in the Kalahari in April 2009.


Reach4Sight has examined 3000 adults and children and supplied 600 pairs of free spectacles to the needy since April 2007, thanks to sponsorships from individuals and companies. 'There are many people who can't afford basic eye care and it's great to see youngsters like Lachlan making efforts to help them,' says Reid. 'Without glasses, some of these underprivileged children would struggle in school, and without an education they have almost no chance of improving their lives.'


Reach4Sight's free clinics for neglected communities are not sustainable without sponsorship. Just R100 can give someone the gift of sight. Visit to find out more about the organisation's work.


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