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27 November 2011
We have now held two clinics in association with Reach4Sight... On each occasion more than 150 patients were seen and prescriptions given for about 100 pairs of spectacles, all at no cost to the recipients. Optometrist Keith Reid ... also gave a number of referral letters to patients who needed surgery... [Reach4Sight staff] worked sometimes for shifts of 12 hours with only a ten-minute break for lunch, so that they could get through the long queues of patients waiting for attention. They are humble people with a great love for others, particularly those less fortunate than themselves. It is our hope that this association can continue into fresh areas in the future.
The Right Reverend Bishop Alan Kenyon-Hoare, Anglican Catholic Church MDSA

3 October 2011
I would like to say thank you for helping me by the glasses and I wish that you could carry on helping us because there are so many people who got this problem. So thank you very much because now my life is going to change into the better life than the past.
Phathiswa Saki (14), Masiphumelele High School

2 October 2011
U sponsored my school with spectacles for people with eyes problems and I was one of those students you gave. So I write this piece of letter to thank you, of your sympathy, love, & care. Its a great priviledge to know that there are people like you outside, who cares. Without your sympathy I would be nothing. To me you brought joy & happiness. Thankx a lot.
Zanele Jikwana (18), Masiphumelele High School

8 June 2011

The communities of Kharkams and Spoegrivier would like to express their thanks and gratitude for the free eye tests and glasses they received. Those who got glasses are satisfied and there have been no complaints. We would greatly value it if you could come back again to service our communities.
Sister M Damons, Kharkams Clinic, Namaqualand

1 June 2011
I want to thank you on behalf of the community of Leliefontein for the service you provided. We have received the spectacles and words cannot express our gratitude. This is a poor community with limited resources so we are especially grateful that you did not charge anything at all. God bless you.
Sister H Meissenheimer, Leliefontein Clinic, Namaqualand

2 December 2010
Thank you very much for the wonderful service you provided free of charge to the women of Huntingdon, near Kruger Gate, and their families. As you know, it is an extremely poor community and so far away from anywhere where they can get help. I know that they really appreciated the day you spent there. I believe that you saw over 120 women and children and provided glasses to those who needed them. Thank you for being so giving. The world needs more people like you. I hope it will be possible to repeat the exercise again in the near future.
Margie Mills, for the Huntingdon sewing circle and Nungu pre-school

11 November 2010
As you know, the school’s budgetary constraints, the high unemployment rates and the low socio-economic status of our community mean our parents and the school find it difficult to access some necessary services to improve the general well-being of our learners. Bad vision is one of the challenges facing our severely handicapped learners. We convey our heartfelt gratitude for your services – screening and testing 300 learners and providing spectacles free of charge. I assure you that the children are delighted with their clear vision.
Ms W Naidoo, principal, Lentegeur School for LSEN

10 November 2010
We wish to express our sincere appreciation and thankfulness to Keith Reid for testing and supplying our learners with spectacles through Reach4Sight. Through your generosity about 680 learners of our school were examined and those who suffered from visual impairedness have received the much-needed spectacles. This service was rendered free of charge to all learners concerned. I can assure you that your effort and generosity is much appreciated by educators, parents and learners. I hope that we will continue to strengthen this great partnership.
Mrs F Abrahams, principal, Marine Primary, Ocean View

October 2010
During our September Holiday Program we were honoured to have Dr Keith Reid come to test about 200 children's eyes. For most of them it was a first-time experience. This man sold his private practice to provide free eye care for the underprivileged. He also travels to rural areas to do this work without charging a cent. People like this are our unspoken heroes, let's honour them. Thank you Dr Reid, you have made a big difference in the lives of many children and their families, especially those who got glasses from you; this will improve their cognitive development.
Anthea Janssen, MaAfrika Tikkun Delft

11 November 2009
I would like to convey our sincere gratitude to you for conducting free eye tests on the children in each of the programmes we run. We are most grateful to you for giving this opportunity to the children, especially those who were in need of spectacles. Your generosity in supplying them with free spectacles has made it possible for these children to improve their eyesight. This will have a huge impact on their schoolwork and everyday lives. We endeavour to make a real and lasting difference in the lives of the most vulnerable members of society - children in need or at risk. None of this work would be possible without the selfless support of people like you.
Daniela McCullough, Administrator, James House

4 December 2008
I hereby wish to give thanks for the spectacles that were provided to the people of the Richtersveld, especially Eksteenfontein. They were provided free of charge to the people, who really needed them. We would also like to thank Trans Hex Mines for the valuable contribution to make this possible, and we hope that you will continue with your good work in supporting the communities in this region. The people of Eksteenfontein are extremely grateful for the service that you brought to them and for the glasses they received.
Sister H Meisenheimer, Eksteenfontein Clinic

28 November 2008
Thank you, Doctor and your wife, for caring for those of us who are less privileged and can't afford to buy glasses. We say thank you for the glasses you gave us to see better. Thank you for thinking of us and may the Lord grant you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Magrieta (Bakkie) Cloete, patient, Lekkersing

25 November 2008
On behalf of the municipality I would like to say thank you very much for the glasses that Reach4Sight and Trans Hex donated to our community. Seeing that many of our community members can't afford to pay for glasses, we really appreciated what you did for us. We wish you all the best with your work.
Marie Samson, Richtersveld Municipality – Lekkersing, Richtersveld

25 November 2008
I would like to say thank you very much for the help that you and Trans Hex gave us with the glasses we received. You made things easy for us with the free test and glasses because it is very hard for us to get to Springbok. God's richest blessings on you.
Dina Kaaiman, patient, Lekkersing

23 November 2008
Thank you very much for the time we spent together here in Lekkersing. You are the kind of assets that this country needs. With people like you, with good interpersonal relationships, kindness and understanding, we can make a difference. Your love and kindness did not go unnoticed; be assured that it was really appreciated. Lekkersing is very far from facilities and your sacrifice to come here and render a free service meant a lot. We hope and wish that you can come again to assist our needy people. Thank you also for the donation of the soccer balls to our local soccer club. I can't express enough how grateful the team was. May God shower you with lots of blessings.
Sister Esther Mokupi, Registered Nurse, Lekkersing Clinic

20 July 2008
Our school would like to say a hearty thank you for the glasses that our learners, teachers and community received from you. As a forgotten community it is a privilege to receive eye tests and glasses because our children and parents don’t have the necessary funds to afford them. We’re situated about 300km away from the nearest optometrist and your visit to our school eliminated the financial costs associated with that. It’s truly a great pleasure for our children who got glasses because now they can give better attention to their schoolwork. Once again, thank you very much and we look forward to your next visit.
EL du Plessis, Principal, Loubos Primary School

18 July 2008
Thank you very much for the spectacles for our learners. They were really excited when we handed out the specs, and so were their parents. This donation really means a lot to us. They would have had to travel to Upington 270km away, paying R200 for a taxi, and they simply can’t afford the spectacles the learners so urgently needed. We as staff and community of Philandersbron are deeply humbled for the honour of receiving such valuable and important services. I assure you that they are much appreciated and we plead that they will be available to us again in future.
DG Cupido, Principal, Philandersbron Primary School

17 July 2008
I want to say thank you very much for the glasses you gave me. They were important because now I can see and read better. I hope that you can be of more help in the future to other poor communities like us.
Nico Eiman (12 years), learner, Philandersbron Primary School

17 July 2008
Thank you very much for the glasses. The glasses help me to see much more clearly. I am very happy with the glasses that Meneer gave me and I can now see and read much better than before and I keep my glasses in a safe place and my parents are also very happy because they can’t afford glasses for me.
Herbert Jacobs (12 years), learner, Philandersbron Primary School

4 July 2008
We would like to thank you for the altruistic service that you came to deliver in our area and our community. The community speaks with praise of their new glasses, which they received gratis. At Rietfontein Clinic alone we received 92 pairs of glasses and 15 patients were referred. This is in addition to a similar service rendered to the neighbouring clinics of Loubos and Philandersbron. The demand for more eye tests is great; many requests are being received, i.e. when are you going to come again!! We would greatly value it if you would find a way to come regularly to provide this service in our community.
Sister Anna Burden, Rietfontein Clinic, Kalahari

2 July 2008
Our community is very grateful for the free service that you have given us. For many their new glasses are a chance to seek new opportunities such as work, etc, considering that they would not be able to afford them with their own budget. I hereby confirm that we received 102 pair of glasses and that they were provided free to the people whose eyes were tested. Our community is very thankful for the free service you have delivered and very happy with their ‘new eyes’. Mr Reid, there is still a need in the community since not everyone could make use of the service because of work circumstances. Is it possible that you could organise another visit?
Malcolm Temmers, Executive Officer, Overseers Council, Elim

20 June 2008
I declare that Dr Keith Reid has been doing a great job in providing the community of the Kgalagadi Gemsbok Region with eye tests and glasses. People with eye problems, including school children, have been thankful for his services. In April 2007 he served the communities of Askham, Andriesvale and Welkom. In April 2008 he visited Groot Mier and Klein Mier, as well as Rietfontein, Philandersbron and Loubos.
Sister Gladys Britz, Askham Clinic, Kalahari

21 July 2007
This is just to thank you for the spectacles that we received. Our pupils are very delighted and thankful. The test at our school helped us a lot and also we appreciate that the examination and glasses were at no cost to the school or learners. We definitely need such a service annually in our community.
B Manyora, Principal, JJ Adams Intermediate School, Askham

22 May 2007
On behalf of SANParks and our neighbouring Kalahari communities, I would like to thank you for offering to do the eye clinics, which proved to be so direly needed amongst our communities. Thank you very much for making the suggestion and giving so much of your time, effort and experience for the benefit of our isolated communities. We are also immensely grateful to you for the sponsorship that you sourced for the optical frames and lenses so that 130 community members could receive a free pair of glasses. Please pass our gratitude onto the generous sponsors. This huge, unselfish deed does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated. I look forward to supporting you again in such a venture, should the opportunity arise in the future.
Christine du Plessis, People & Conservation Officer, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

26 November 2007
This Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to Keith Reid in recognition of special services rendered to the Profession of Optometry for assisting with the Bureau for the Prevention of Blindness Tours, Ster-Kinekor Programme and Eye Care Awareness Week.
Chris Eksteen (President) and Harry Rosen (Executive Director), South African Optometric Association





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